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  About the Company


The choice of a partner while selecting the personnel and searching a job is easy and complicated at the same time. It is easy because there are agencies already known in the market, agencies recommended by colleagues and friends. It is complicated because the requirements for a candidate and for a job are always individual and unique ones.

But the world is very small. The inventor of the telegraph believed 150 years ago that a telegram would go through to any place of the Earth by no more than 6 stations. Presently, it is known that each person in the world is connected with everyone by no more than through other 6 people. Where is this person, who is necessary for us? Do you know, who are those 6 people to be necessary to contact with in order to hire the candidate required by you or to find an interesting job for you?

We take it upon ourselves, saving your time sixfold! We establish contacts only with the right people because we have them at our disposal.

  • Skilled advisers (5 to 10 years’ employment in the recruitment)
  • Knowledge of people in the market
  • Modern search and hiring methods
  • Selection efficiency
  • Price flexibility
  • Constant feedback

RKKA (Russian Personnel Consulting Agency) specializes in the search and selection of top-level managerial personal and executive staff, highly skilled professionals for the representatives of the leading international corporations, major Russian companies, and nonprofit institutions. Various personnel consulting services are also provided to the clients.




127055, Russia, Moscow, Poryadkovy per. 21


Рекрутмент Кадровый Консалтинг Аутстаффинг

127055, Россия, Москва, Порядковый пер., д.21

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