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  Search of top managers

  • The drawing up of position’s description, the definition of the basic competences to be important for applicants. The expert research of the managers market in the corresponding industry. The coordination of the list of the target companies to be searched in the market. The formation of the positive image of the employer with the applicants.
  • Informing the Client on the search for applicants. Interviews with potential applicants accompanied by a detailed analysis of their experience. The check of references, the evaluation of business and personal qualities of the candidate. The organization of applicants’ interviews with the Client. The comparative analysis of final applicants.
  • Assistance in the choice of a finalist, the discussion and drawing up of a job offer. Negotiations with the candidate concerning the remuneration package.
  • The psychological preparation of the candidate for dismissal from the previous place of employment. The development, together with the candidate, of the strategy of his interview with his present employer so that he should be able to leave the company without serious consequences and shouldn’t accept a counteroffer from his management.

The Client receives:

  • The market research of top managers and their résumés;
  • Information on the amount of remuneration of the group of professionals to be of his interest;
  • Organization and assistance in the conduct of interviews with applicants;
  • Professional personnel to be the best one in the market in its price category;
  • The project report in written form;



127055, Russia, Moscow, Poryadkovy per. 21


Рекрутмент Кадровый Консалтинг Аутстаффинг

127055, Россия, Москва, Порядковый пер., д.21

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