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  The search of top executives

The search of top executives on the basis of the expert research of the managers market in the corresponding industry.


  The selection of management personnel

The selection of management personnel on the basis of a complex approach to the search, including various methods beginning from the work with databases to the direct search (headhunting), and also modern techniques of selection (target selection, interview by competences, projective and situational interview).


  The search and selection of personnel in the regions of Russia

The search and selection of personnel in the regions of Russia (in particular, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Samara and others).


  The express system of evaluation, analysis and forecast

The express system of evaluation, analysis and forecast of business, professional and behavioral characteristics, as well as the revealing of competitor’s conformity to the vacancy requirements, making it possible quickly and precisely to receive objective business information on job applicants to be tested into first hands, saving time, money and efforts.


  Taking employees off the staff

Taking employees off the staff, allowing to adjust the actual number of persons employed by the company without changing the number of persons being on the staff, and also to save resources due to the regress in the uniform social tax.



The support of dismissed employees, providing psychological assistance to dismissed specialists and their consultation on the issues of new employment enabling the employer to keep a positive image in the market and to reduce the probability of information leakage from the company.


  Encouragement (incentive) programs for the employees

RKKA offers the encouragement (incentive) programs for the employees of your company. It is a package of measures for personnel development and training, aimed at the motivation of company’s employees, the creation of corporate culture and the "spirit" of the company, leading to the enhancement of efficiency of each employee and the company on the whole.




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Рекрутмент Кадровый Консалтинг Аутстаффинг

127055, Россия, Москва, Порядковый пер., д.21

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