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The purpose of this service is to provide support of the employer's attractive image on the labor market in situations when redundancies are required due to some organizational causes.


Corporations often face the situations when they have to dismiss employees under reasons, which do not comply with the notion "inconsistent with job". In such situations the reason of the dismissal is an external one. For example, the company has passed reorganization, and a part of its employees who coped with their duties, has become non-demanded, or a valuable specialist has been hired but he has not started to fulfill his tasks, because the owner has changed and the specialist doesn't conform to the new conception of business development. Many companies taking care of their image among their employees and on the labor market in such situations try to do something for the dismissed employees beyond the requirements of the labor legislation.

Service content

At the moment of dismissal any person feels two stresses: an offence against the employer, and the fear about the future, we offer an outplacement of dismissed employees in order to decrease this stress therefore releasing the employer from unpleasant conversations and emotions. And a dismissed employee obtains a qualified emotional support, and orients himself for the future, and builds plans for future achievements.

Results for an employer:

  1. It doesn't waste its time, energy, and emotions on negative feelings of dismissed employees.
  2. Employees, who kept their jobs, receive a very important message: "they care about us informally".
  3. Decreasing of stress emotions in the organization caused by such dismissals.

Results for a dismissed employee:

  1. He obtains a professional assistance in a critical situation.
  2. His stress is decreased and he obtains assistance in building the plans for the future.
  3. His self-confidence grows, and he turns his attention from the negative present to the positive future.



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