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                 Looking for better?

        Ищете лучшее?


  Our Ideals

Each professional seeks to become better — and closer to his own ideal within his business. As market and business environment are changing, new experiences and new approaches emerging. As one’s own experiences grow, one’s ideal get more clearly shaped in mind. One becomes more aware of things, which really matter. In our business: In executive search, a perfectly done job is always associated with the perfect manager we seek to find for each of our Clients.

Now we’re looking wider onto abilities and qualities of a candidate. Nowadays, a specific industry experience is getting less important. What is far more important includes such things as: managerial capabilities, an ability to integrate into the team, bring forth new ideas, personal qualities and values each candidate follows in his life.

Our try not to make compromises; instead, we always crave to find the perfect manager for each of our clients.

  Client Team Synergy

It is our absolute requirement that managers we are seeking should always be highly professional and enterprising and true leaders in the business they are working at… Yet, there is one more thing, indispensable thing, which turns an ordinary good manager into a perfect manager. This is an ability to fit oneself, harmoniously, into our client’s business.

This is what we call Synergy — an ability to promptly fit oneself into a team, into a new professional environment and business relationships, … into the corporate culture and traditions… In most cases, the ability to integrate oneself promptly and smoothly proves to be far more significant than knowledge and practical experiences in any specific industry. Sometimes, it is just impossible to find around any manager adequate to address new corporate tasks and objectives.

To be truly efficient in business, it is vital for companies to have new managers able to fit into the corporate team promptly and harmoniously. Managers, who always come with new ideas and new values — implying new vision on usual things… It does not matter what kind of specific industrial backgrounds such managers may have. As soon as they come, such managers always start to exert their powerful influence over and bring tangible benefits to organizations they are working for.

  The Art of Finding

It is a lofty art to find such a perfect manager.

The core part of this art is an ability to study, understand and be sensitive to all specifics of the client’s business and the team. Each of our clients is very unique. The term “unique” is applicable to everything: the team and its professionalism, culture and traditions, market environment and position…

No manager, who is just a good one, can fit himself into such a team. Our task is to find such a manager, who is able to fit himself, harmoniously, into a specific team and to work truly productively within the business environment specific to such team.

No such manager can be found using standard methods and one specific industry search. Searching and finding such a manger requires extensive practical experience and:

  • Extensive skills and ability to study and understand the organization and business of a client.
  • Creative approach to the analysis and assessment of the actual abilities of an candidate.
  • Having command of technology applicable to the monitoring and assessment of a candidate results and achievements.
  • Always acting in good conscience and being careful in analysis and choice making.
  • Being highly intuitive for choosing just the perfectly fitting manager.

Our clients are developing unique organizations. For them, we seek and find managers, who are uniquely fitting.



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Рекрутмент Кадровый Консалтинг Аутстаффинг

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