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  Personnel Development and Training

"- Do you apprehend that you invest money in training and employees quit the job?

- And do you apprehend that you don't train your employees, and they stay as they are? ... "

Today there is no need to convince anyone that unskilled personnel threatens the business, and at the present level of competition the personnel's skills play the role of a competitive advantage in attraction and retention of a customer.

Personnel training and development is very important. The questions are: how should you train, what should you train, whom should you train, and how should you hold the trained staff? Here you won't manage without a comprehensive approach.

  Development and training programs

Modern researches performed in 1996 by D. Goleman have proved that the success of a modern person only for 15% depends on his education, experience and skills. The main contribution in his success is made by his social competence or his emotional intelligence (EI1).

  Individual programs for management development and training

Managers are special people. As a rule, they are charismatic and selfish. Often they are not open for a feedback, but gasp a self-perfection.

Often they don't like to study in an open group, because the processes of group dynamics are painful for them. And a large amount of energy is wasted for demonstration of their charisma and leadership in the group, instead of acquiring new skills and experience.

  Efficient business communications

This program allows development of mutual understanding ability, experience of adequate expression, interaction with a "difficult" client, easing of own or partner's rage, correct solution of conflicts, persistence of own opinion with self-respect and respect of partner's positions.

The program is created for development of efficient and conflict-free communications of top and medium level managers, project, personnel, and client managers.

  Dominance and opposition to dominance

This program allows development of dominance skills in business communications, negotiations, and in conflict situations, and to oppose foreign dominance. We develop abilities to determine manipulations, and to differ conscious and unconscious manipulations. We give standard forms of response for unwanted interpersonal influence.

  Coaching management

Audience: Top and medium level managers, personnel, and project managers.

Goal: to familiarize the audience with coaching, as the method of management, to prove its expediency and efficiency in the business environment, to give the principal methods of coaching management.

  Efficient management

This program is designed for creation of managerial skills of medium level, project, and account managers. This program develops HR management, communication, dominance, motivation, and self-motivation skills, gives experience of goal setting, delegation, studies standard mistakes in management processes. It gives the principal tools for planning, control, and time management.

  Stress management

The harm of stresses is well known, but the practice shows that many people do not completely realize the harmfulness thereof in our life. Only few of us take some measures to defend themselves against the stress. Scientific data irrefutably evidence that gradual accumulation of stress has the destructive consequences like a permanent radioactive source. This program develops the skills of stress neutralization of different nature (past, future, disaster, unpredictable event, own system of convictions). We offer specific tools for physical and mental stress opposition.



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