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  Training and educational programs

We hope that it would be interesting for you to know that:

The main thing in creation of a corporate training program for us is your unique and specific character. We don't work under templates; all our trainings and workshops are unique.

You can always order and obtain preliminary free consultations on any forthcoming training.

Our trainers and consultants have practical knowledge of business conduct, training performance and consulting projects, and they are aimed at the best results.

If you are lost in hundreds training programs and dozens of trainers your external Training Manager can help you and take upon himself the following issues:

  • detection of educational needs;
  • development of a comprehensive educational program (according to the types of employees);
  • choice of the organizational form of the training;
  • estimation and selection of training program and trainer;
  • drawing up of a list of recommendations on staff training and development.


In organization of different official events, such as general shareholders meeting or board of directors meeting, reporting back meeting, conference of production, and many others, we are ready to provide technical support (premises, equipment, installation and assembly of equipment, transport, coffee-breaks) and informational support: to invite any lecturer or specialist from Russian or foreign companies and research centers, as you may think appropriate.

  Active Programs

(interactive, team-building, team-entertaining, playing)

Active programs are located almost in the same area as trainings they allow to pull the staff together, to teach them interaction in the process of task solution, to develop leadership of structural managers.

The benefit of these programs is that they are taken as an entertainment unlike traditional trainings. Such programs are well combined with corporate parties, field trainings and workshops, serving as a final event.

  Corporate Events

One of the results of an active program is that the personnel returns to work rested with common experiences and impressions, and it causes to the perception of the staff as a united team. A feeling of fellowship occurs, and people wish to contribute to a common cause and to finish it with the best results. But for corporate parties (New Year, anniversary of the company foundation) this stimulus is one of the main.

  Business Tourism and Field Events

One of the most popular directions of events & incentive programs is business tourism. Owing to an extensive network of partner companies, we are able to organize and to perform any event of any level of difficulty in any part of Russia, CIS countries, and abroad.

  What is the difference between us and many other companies engaged in this area?

  • All our projects are prepared and performed by us in such a way that participants consider thereof as an incentive, and it contributes into creation of a favorable atmosphere in the company, enhancing its efficiency.
  • Comprehensive approach to solution of tasks assigned. We perform the total set of works and services, which decreases costs and improves the order control, as well as increases the quality of works performed, all that owing to the cooperation with a sole provider.
  •  Before any our action (company's birthday or special professional training) we perform a monitoring of the company condition and our future audience, and then present an analytical report and perform consulting support, therefore increasing an efficiency of the event.

  We successfully arranged and performed

Organization and performance of conferences and shareholders meetings for the following companies:

  •  "Trinity Motors",
  •  Representative and service center of company "Scania" in Russia,
  •  "Karin",
  •  "British American Tobacco"



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